At Spa Laundries all laundry is separated according to color:
Light, dark, & whites. (Whites are bleached unless otherwise instructed). Have clothes that need extra attention? No problem! Just place them in a separate bag with a note detailing your instructions.

Laundry is washed, dried & folded to perfection and delivered that same day fresh and clean!

SPA Laundries
services the entire Staten Island. Since we have over 15 years experience in the laundry business and we are dedicated to laundry service we have eliminated the problems other laundries have. No mix ups. No missing clothes. No ruined clothes. We care about your clothes and we care about our customers.

SPA LAUNDRIES  is the leader in the laundry service industry.

(718) 876-7760 (24 hour customer service)
Staten Island, NY